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Level 1-2 and 5 Teacher Training (Violin)

Level 1-2 and 5 Teacher Training (Violin)

The details of our new Teacher Training Certificate program, which will take place at Istanbul Vialand Palace Hotel, are as follows.

All dates of training: All Teacher Trainees must attend these all sessions.

18-22 February 2024
23-28 June 2024
26-30 October 2024
31 October - 1 November 2024 (Exam)

Participation Fees:

1. Level
Participation Fee: 1100 Euro (Deadline: 9 February 2024)

2. Level
Participation fee: 1000 Euros (Deadline: 9 February 2024)

5. Level:
Participation fee: 1100 Euro (Deadline: 9 February 2024)

*3 Installment payment option is available.

For All Levels, in addition to these fees + 150 Euro Exam Participation Fee (Participants who complete all stages of the program and are entitled to take the exam will be charged a participation fee before the exam at once.)

Application Conditions;

You can fill out the form by clicking the button below for a new Teacher Trainees (Level 1) participation application.
To access level 1:
Official Professional Degree or proof of an
equivalent musical level.

All ESA members who have completed Level 1 and Level 4 can request participation in the program by sending an email to


*Fees DO NOT include meals, accommodations and travels.

*Participation is limited to quota.

*Full participation in all stages of the program is mandatory.

*If the classes are filled before the deadline, new applications will be considered for 2025.

*SMED reserves the right to change the training date and place, provided that it is notified to the participants in advance.

For detailed information; You can send an email to



Christophe Bossuat
Level 1 Application Form
  • Tarih 12 Şubat 2024 - 09:00
  • Şehir Istanbul
  • Adres Vialand Palace Hotel
  • Kategori Certificate program
  • Dil English